My CorelDraw X4 Original Artwork [Updated]

In ICT course in my school, teacher was gave me 3 subject tasks desinging some popular logos with CorelDraw X4 must finish on a month.
There is my design result :

Case 1

AC Milan
AC Milan Corel / Vector

Telkom Corel / Vector

Garuda Indonesia
Garuda Indonesia Corel / Vector

Download Corel File

Case 2

Chrome 1
Chrome  Logo Corel / Vector

Chrome 2
Chrome Sketch  Logo Corel / Vector

Download Corel File

Case 3

Adobe  Logo Corel / Vector

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader  Logo Corel / Vector

Corel X4
Corel X4 Logo Corel / Vector

ARVIA :D (LOL)  Logo Corel / Vector

Download Corel File

Case 4

MNC TV Logo Corel / Vector
RCTI Logo Corel / Vector
TRANS 7 Logo Corel / Vector ( I'm using Harpot font LOL ... because i don't know what's font who they use for make it )
Download Corel File

Sorry, im newbie designing with corel because i can't draw very well :)

You wanna try drawing a face on Corel ?
Read this article about uprising art called WPAP  ( Wedha's Pop Art Portrait )


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