How to Embed SNSD Daum Widget to Your Blog or Web

A few days ago, i have seen very pretty widget in some blog that i visited. They blog had a same widget SNSD from Daum. I'm very confuse how to embed SNSD Daum widget to my blog because i'm not understand with they language :D. Now, i know how tho add this widget to my blog. And now, I want explain how to add SNSD Daum widget to your blog or web like right sidebar of my blog. ;)

First step :
Click the button that i marked like above. This link direct you to SNSD Daum widget

Second step :
Click the option "HTML (Source)", and then click the next button icon down arrow like above for generate this widget.

Third step :
Block all the script and copy it for embed to your blog.
Fourth step :
For blogger, you can add the script in layout setting, then add HTML/Javascript gadget.  
Fifth step :
Fighting S♥NE :D
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감사함니다 Kamsahamnida :)

You can also copy script below  for get this widget :D

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


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